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    Indepth Review on the PSJailbreak USB Dongle (Good Read, Best Review Yet!)

    First of all, thank ChipSpain the sample received for lending in order to make this review.

    Because of work, tomorrow morning I will not be able to dedicate all the time that I would, but at least I will try to play the basics until you can complete the review.

    The sample sent by the manufacturer only has a memory stick (PS Jailbreak) and a sheet with some clarifications about the product.
    Most notably, what we care about is:

    The PS Jailbreak is compatible with any existing PlayStation 3 model to this day (either FAT or SLIM).

    We realziar backups in both the Internal HD as an external HD.

    Works with all PlayStation 3 games.

    Supports homebrew.

    Upgradeable to add new characteristics.

    But the most imporant because it contradicts something that indicated on its website, is that it is essential to use a firmware version 3.41 on the console, because the files have been optimized for that version.
    No mention at any point if this feature is unique to the samples sent, or will be common in the final products, so far remains to be clarified.

    I personally have been unable to initialize the device with a previous firmware version, more specifically with the varsión 2.85, so I had to update the console to version 3.41.


    Firmware 3.41 installed on the console (at least for the sample to be sent).

    Download Backup Manager for your website and copy any external USB storage device formatted with FAT32.


    1 .- We always start from the console is off before connecting the USB PS Jailbreak.
    Depending on the console version you must:

    PlayStation 3 FAT.
    Simply turn off the console from the rear switch.

    PlayStation 3 SLIM.
    It is essential to disconnect the power cord from the back of the console.

    Connect to any USB port on the console, PS Jailbreak, taking care not to have anything else connected by USB.

    2 .- Press the POWER button on the console and then pressed the EJECT button.
    We'll see how the two LEDs on the PS Jailbreak ignite while charging the console (10 seconds), then several things can happen:

    That the Green LED is lit.
    This means that the PS Jailbreak is working properly.

    *.- That red LED is lit.
    Which means that the PS has not loaded correctly Jailbreak.
    Usually this happens when not properly pressed Power sequence and then Eject.

    If the end result is the bright red LED, we repeat the process from the beginning with the precaution of disconnecting the power cord from the back of the PlayStation 3 Slim or cut the current from the switch at the back of the PlayStation 3 Fat.

    3 .- Once the device is loaded correctly Jailbreak PS, connect the USB external storage device with the Backup Manager console.

    4 .- We went to the GAME menu and we move to the option "Install Package Files", to then select Backup Manager.

    5 .- Once finished, if we move at the end of the Games menu will appear Backup Application Manager.
    Select it and run.

    6 .- Once implemented, we must introduce the reader to the console the game we want to backup.
    If we make a backup on the external USB device, press the button O.
    You can select the destination of backup, and you can select from the USB external storage device or even the HD of the console.

    7 .- To load previously created backup culaquier simply insert a game console (you may use the same game) and from the Backup Manager menu select the desired backup and press the X button

    You can also delete backup culaquier by pressing / \.
    The reason to have a game inserted in the drive of the console is simply to emulate the loading process.

    8 .- After selecting the backup you want, then press the X button, automatically return to main menu of the console, more concerted Backup Manager option, and finally loading the game, just move once up to see how the desired game appears to us there.
    The selected and ready, we can play our backup!

    I have no time now to test the online mode, or deepen what I like, so that as soon as possible I will realize the tests.

    Anyway, we must bear in mind that once installed on the PS console Jailbreak, and can not be removed.
    Some important points I did not add to the top and I think it should be noted:

    The GOW3 backup has taken approximately 90 minutes to copy the internal HD of the console.
    The online mode works perfectly.
    It is impossible to implement updates to the games if they are being loaded from the PS Jailbreak, although these if they apply perfectly if you load the game from the Blu-Ray.
    Similarly, it is impossible to skip the videos of the games if loading from the PS jailbreak.
    Although the Backup Manager is installed in the console, it is imperative that the PS Jailbreak properly connected and enabled to run the Backup Manager.
    PS If you remove the Jailbreak to the console is turned on or is suspended or goes out, and I think that is very good for either the console or the PS Jailbreak.

    In order to check whether the PS Jailbreak was compatible with earlier versions of firmware to 3.41, I bought a new console, and in the rush to initialize the time and headache that I have today, I was wrong and I have put the dated yesterday, sorry!

    Small FAQ From PS3Jailbreak

    Do tools like SN Systems Target Manger work while this mod is being used?
    No Target Manager does not connect, it tries but fails.

    Can the USB Dongle be dumped?
    Possibly however initial common attempts to dump it have failed. The dongle is detected as an Unknown USB device in windows. It does not show up as a storage device. Trying to raw dump it with programs like Hex workshop also do not detect it since it doesn’t show as a storage device.

    Does the dongle only need to be used once to convert my PS3 to a debug unit?
    No, you must use it every time you want to play a backup.

    taken from


    More People Confirmed USB Dongle working

    is a famous german site that tested and confirmed the USB dongle working. Here is the translated post
    This news should make even the whole of the current news Gamescom stand in the shadows: the PS3 has now officially hacked. Just a little unsolicited Express package is eingetrudelt with us.
    Content: A small USB dongle that says PSJailbreak and manual.
    A handful of exclusive distribution of selected stores around the world have received this pattern.
    Some have tried it and successfully tested.
    We will do the same once ran and post the results here.
    According to the manufacturer may be using PSJailbreak original games on the internal or install either an external hard drive and play from there. An original game must always be in the drive, if you want to play games from the hard drive.
    Which game in Laufwerkliegt not care.
    PSJailbreak to about 100 in sales - cost 120 EUR.

    PSJailbreak does exactly what he verpricht.
    The operation is as follows:

    PSJailbreak plug into the USB port, turn on PS3, turn right after the brief press the eject button.
    Once the PS3 is powered up, you have a new menu item: INSTALL PACKAGE FILE.
    This menu point is only reserved for debug consoles, but thanks PSJailbreak also at normal retail consoles.
    The package file which you then install the baking Uploader, which you can download from
    Once the baking Uploader is installed you can find it under "games".
    When we started the back Uploader, you can choose whether you want to install a game or play.
    The installation of a game takes about 10-15 minutes depending on size.
    Now you can choose to play the game whereupon the PS3 menu is reloaded.
    An original game to be loaded.
    The PS3 will be fooled now, that it is inserted in the game to that which you have chosen in the back uploader and it starts.

    CONCLUSION: PSJailbreak works.
    Thanks to the USB dongle can be started unsigned code.
    The story runs on the latest firmware 3.41 and according to the manufacturer an update blocker is integrated, which prevents an update of the PS3 system. Furthermore the USB dongle to be upgradeable.

    Conclusion No. 2: We will not PSJailbreak unfortunately can sell and have our test specimen, and all shipping documents destroyed, the Sony lawyers are therefore allowed to stay at home ... Thank you!
    PS3 Hack Has Been Confirmed!

    xorloser twitter:

    Wow a working ps3 mod. Makes ps3 run like a debug unit. (It has always been possible to install and run games from a debug ps3).

    Thanks to smerf1 for this information:

    It is indeed legit
    From the PS3News site: After examining the PSJailBreak Manager .PKG File below, RichDevX determined that it was hardcoded not to boot on Test consoles, and he has now made available a patch for PS3 Debug users to run PS3 game back-ups with it!
    Update: CJPC has received confirmation and xorloser has now confirmed that the PSJailBreak runs unsigned code on the PlayStation 3, so it appears this PS3 mod-chip is indeed legitimate!
    [Only registered and activated users can see links. ]


    And then this was posted by UsR Immortal X
    xorloser is big name... and I mean BIG. PS3 is hacked.

    please note the PSJailBreak patch above is only for PlayStation 3 Debug users. At this time it would probably be wise NOT to waste your money on this expensive PSJailBreak USB device, as a FREE PS3 scene solution is bound to surface.

    Information so far:

    Well there has been a USB dongle hack for the PS3. This is very controversial because only two people have really confirmed it but these two people are very respected members of the PSX scene moding community. The two sites backing the claim are

    The USB Dongle is meant to allow you to run PS3 games straight from the HD. It lets you rip them to the HD and the play them from it. You can do this from a USB Dongle with an application on it called "Backup Manager" The USB Dongle should also allow you to run unsigned code so can anyone say HOMEBREW! It essentially turns your PS3 into a Dev-Kit. The product in question has been shipped to a few modding websites for review and the company is based in Hong Kong.

    Latest Forum Post from PSX-SCENE:

    The first PS3 modchip has arrived and PSX-SCENE is the FIRST site to CONFIRM it is 100% REAL!!!
    PSX-SCENE is the first any ONLY website to CONFIRM that this product is working 100% Not by speculation but by being the only website to actually have testers with actual product in hand! We will have a video courtesy of OzModchips soon so stay tuned!!!
    I have been in contact directly with the manufacturer and can confirm some things you have all been asking about...
    1. FAT32 is currently supported. They are working on NTFS.
    2. They recommend staying on current firmware and not updating until they have deemed it safe. The dongle is fully updatable.
    3. Online play does work but they cannot guarantee that it will work with all future titles.
    4. Final retail units are ready to ship.
    5. Official reseller list will be on their site in the next 48 hours. You can pre-order from any of the official resellers. There are websites out there now claiming to be selling but they are not legitimate. Don't get ripped off. Wait until the official list is posted.
    PS Jailbreak is a USB plug and play

    Latest videos:

    Official Website:

    3/4 Years done till Bachelors in Software Engineering
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    The editor notes that article was well written
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