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    EDIT: Project Galaxy is currently idle. (This thread or my website isn't close to being updated, by the way.)

    Greetings! I have an endeavor quite different than a remake of a server. How about a remake of a client? Nope, that doesn’t do it for me.

    How about a complete remake of the cache? That’s right! I mean new models, images, textures, animations, GFX, NPC's, and sounds all from scratch.

    The client version we’ll be working on: 317

    Client type: I don’t know because I bought it; though, it was used with a Delta-based server. It works well with many servers.

    Client will be used for this server: A Delta base (stable and neat), which I also bought.

    Purpose of Project Galaxy: Regarding the cache remake, Project Galaxy can be the model/idea of a new generation of servers. When this project is done, no longer will it be deemed a Runescape private server (RSPS). But most importantly, this is an experiment to see if we can do it, and accomplish doing it.

    Client files pictures:

    Client GUI look:

    What I need:

    I need a team who can edit cache, knows graphical work (Photoshop, Gimp, etc.), and can code with the client in case we must change some code/add customs in addition to the original cache. We will do our best to delete all unnecessary code in the client that Jagex used, and possibly code our own.

    I know how this client works fairly well, so I can provide more info if needed. I will be the server coder and do some graphical work myself. We shall test the client using my server.

    Programs to Use:
    *NOTE* I recently installed Windows XP on my Mac using Virtual Box. I'm learning how to use these tools.

    Tom's Cache Suite: Tom's cache suite works with my cache, but has some problems. I need a way to edit models some other way.

    Mapeditor 3 BETA: Mapeditor 3 BETA will satisfy my need of recreating the entire map (except for removing buildings, trees, and other in-game client-sided objects). My cache, however, does not load with this Mapeditor 3 BETA. If anyone knows how to make my cache work with the editor, I would greatly appreciate your service

    Datmaker: Datmaker works.

    Client cache look:

    Here is a list of all the projects to be done with the client:

    ~~~~~~~~What to be done~~~~~~~~|~Percent Done~|~~~~~~~Who Helped~~~~~~~
    -Completely redone client GUI | 0% |
    -Completely redone textures | 0% |
    -Completely redone items | 0% |
    -Completely redone objects | 0% |
    -Completely redone maps | 0% |
    -Completely redone animations | 0% |
    -Completely redone Graphics (GFX) | 0% |
    -Added sounds | 0% |
    -Completely redone Standard Graphics | 0% |
    -Completely redone HD Graphics | 0% |
    -Completely redone NPCs | 0% |

    How I plan the development to be done:

    Client GUI: I plan on replacing all of the Sprites while keeping a decent, if not better, layout. The buttons in-game (e.g. Emotes, settings, pop-up windows) will be remade as well. Since the buttons are a part of the cache files, we'll need some sort of cache editor program for the interfaces (preferably one that works from a .jar, not .bat).
    I would also like to create resizable and fullscreen capability that works in Standard and HD.
    I still have the animation for the fire torch because I like its look. My idea is to design the next fire animation to look like a forest fire on the mountains of the background image–not a fire in a metal torch. If you look at my client background, you can picture the idea a little better.

    Client Sprites Look:

    Client GUI Status: Not worked on yet.

    Textures: Simply enough, I will have new textures be made with a graphics program or taken from a texture program like Filterforge. My client already has the commands "::lowdetail" and "::highdetail". Therefore, we must find the textures in the cache for low and high details and replace them accordingly.
    For standard graphics, we'll need basic textures for grass, dirt, pavement, buildings, plants(?), trees, dungeons, caves, water, lava, sand, snow, rocks, fences, and fountains. For HD graphics, we'll need the same textures, except more graphic, of course :P I do not want the HD graphics to exceed PS2 graphics. (Google "PS2 graphics" for an idea.)

    Textures Status: Not worked on yet.

    Items:We will work on changing every single item. If you prefer to work with a specific type of item, specify in "What position(s) you want in development" of your application.

    Items Status: Not worked on yet.

    Objects: We will work on changing every single object. If you prefer to work with a specific type of object, specify in "What position(s) you want in development" of your application.

    Objects Status: Not worked on yet.

    Maps: We will clean the entire map of everything except water. Then I will work on the design of the new world. If you have any ideas/designs that you'd like incorporated, feel free to PM me it. I don't know how to remove in-game client-sided objects (e.g. fences, buildings, and fountains) within the Mapeditor 3 Beta. I need someone to remove all client-related objects from the cache.

    Maps Status: Not worked on yet.

    Animations:We will work on changing every single animation.

    Animations Status: Not worked on yet.

    Graphics (GFX): We will work on changing every single GFX used in-game.

    Graphics (GFX) Status: Not worked on yet.

    Sounds: We will work on adding custom sounds to the client for the login menu and different areas in the game. We will also work on an option to toggle sounds on and off within the game settings.

    Sounds Status: Not worked on yet.

    Standard Graphics: We will work on replacing the Standard Graphics with our own. The replaced graphics should not be too much more graphic than they are now.

    Standard Graphics Status: Not worked on yet.

    High Definition Graphics: We will work on replacing the HD graphics with our own. The replaced graphics should not be more graphic than PS2 graphics.

    High Definition Graphics Status: Not worked on yet.

    NPC's: We will work on replacing all the NPCs with our own NPC models.

    NPC's Status: Not worked on yet.

    ~~~~~~~Members of Project Galaxy~~~~~~~
    TheCyberMan(Mopar + R-S)
    The Wanderer(Mopar)

    If you'd like to help, please fill out the info below (You may post or PM this info):

    How old you are:
    Why you want to help:
    *[Need Proof]Years of experience in graphical art designing (Photoshop, Gimp, etc.):
    *[Need Proof]Years of experience in modeling (anything that saves in a format for RSPS):
    *Years of Client coding and/or experience with the type of client I use:
    *What position(s) you want in development(textures, items, objects, maps, animations, sounds, NPC's, etc.):
    *Years of experience in the position(s) you chose from above:
    *Programs you have for creating/editing textures, items, objects, maps, animations, and sounds (e.g. Filterforge):
    *Your Skype, MSN, and/or email:

    Project Galaxy Members' Developer Status (each member has their own page):

    Project Galaxy Admin

    Side Notes:

    Once you create something, I'll have the master copy of the cache to install whatever you made. We most likely will not replace every single model, so we'll delete quite a few models from the client files and client cache. We will log what we created in a file.

    To Non-Project Galaxy Members: You can PM me your models if you have just a few you'd like incorporated, but don't wish to join the team to give them to me.

    You can also post to support/bump this thread even if you don't want to join.

    I need members who know the cache well.

    Are you interested in joining Project Galaxy, but have a few questions? Discuss here, on this thread.
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    I am the official Project Galaxy Admin.
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    delta, unrenamed AND wrong section, ppl will rage o.O
    Goodluck with it tho

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    Whatchu talkin bout willis?
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    very layed out thread and detailed lol. Goodluck to you

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    much better

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    I like man cocks!

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    Acid Paradox'

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    GOod luck,

    Oh, Really?
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    Good luck and also a thumbs up for doing this on a mac
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    Goodluck but its hard to take this seriously when youre using a 'delta' client which is non renamed and probably loaded down with retarded shit anyway, you should use a renamed deob...
    Quote Originally Posted by menth View Post
    made a lil wayne 4 u
    Spoiler for Random Pic:
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    Indeed, I was looking at renamed deobs yesterday before I posted this. The best working one I found was a 317 deob by MITB and Galkon. Does anyone have a recommendation? A 317 (not 377) deob is clearly the better option...I would prefer it to not have resizability because that can create interface glitches I do not want to have to deal with right now while re-creating the cache.

    Thank you all for the support!
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    wait wait.... so your saying, you bought this client?
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    Hai der
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    1. good luck
    2. a lot of work
    3. i am rewriting the cache system so don't pack it yet (pm for more details)
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