Thread: New Turmoil Scape 508 Pk Server Perfect Pking 24.7 ded server no lagg!

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  1. #1 New Turmoil Scape 508 Pk Server Perfect Pking 24.7 ded server no lagg! 
    cherry licker

    We have a wonderful community of people and helpful staff members that will answer any question that you have for them



    - Many working mage and combat Including Vengeance, All GodSword Specials, and Dragon Claws
    - Every PVP Armor has been added
    - PvP drops are random, the higher EP the more and better items you get.
    - Fully working void armor (Mage/Range/Melee) All has an effect
    - Amazing PKING
    - Bounty Hunter
    - ::easts
    - A safe PK area, you do not lose any items!

    Melee System

    - Maxhit command (::maxhit) shows what your max hit is.

    - Whip, GodSwords, Anchor, Dragon Claws, and more

    - All Godsword GFXS including Saradomin Sword

    - ALL Prayers working

    - Special attacks are perfected

    - Special loads faster

    - Vengeance works 100%

    - Instant Dragon Dagger Special

    Ranged System

    - Basic Range System (The only thing is that the arrows don't show on the ground.)

    - Rune X Bow works fine

    - Magic Shortbow special works.

    - 1 Arrow is enough, they don't use up!!!

    Magic System

    - Instant Freeze

    - Perfected AutoCast

    - Perfect Mage Following Without Staff

    - Perfect Mage Following

    - Clearer GFXS

    - Protect Magic 100%

    - Perfect Delays

    - Every glitch has been fixed

    - Perfect Rushing

    Player Vs NPCs

    - 700 Exp rate

    - Kalphite Queen

    - King Black Dragon

    - Kree'arra

    - General graador

    - Commander Zilyana

    - K'ril Tsutsaroth

    - Corporal Beast!

    Other Features

    - Player following not working

    - Fully Lunar book

    - No customs which mess up the server, just the items like in real RS

    - GE is the home

    - Instant teleports

    - Perfect Economy (Yet to build up, my other servers were successfull).

    - Every Dupe has been fixed (YES REALLY, drop and pickup won't work anymore).

    - Blocked Cheat Clients (Only Magic-Scape 562 client works).

    - Wonderfull staff, community

    - Drop Rate is perfected for the economy (Raising a little bit when people are active on forums).

    - Prayer is working 100% including draining

    - 24/7 Server

    - Many major glitches has been fixed such as "Multi-Glitch"


    Last But not least Turmoil =)

    Currently working on Site thanks =) and enjoy
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