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    About 10-25 online at all times now. - Hit 35 last night.

    - [Only registered and activated users can see links. ]

    - [Only registered and activated users can see links. ]

    - [Only registered and activated users can see links. ]

    - [Only registered and activated users can see links. ]

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    - [Only registered and activated users can see links. ]

    Advertisement Videos:

    Spoiler for Updates:

    Added bank @ magic trees
    Fixed Shops
    Added Rune ore rocks to mining area.
    Fixed Gem prices. ( 300 coin profit for dragon stones, 260 for diamond, 200 under diamond )
    Fixed Ganodermic Poncho placement.
    Fixed effigies.
    Nurfed ganodermic Armour drops. Buffed polypore drop.
    Fixed Saradomin god-sword special attack.
    Fixed Drop dupe.
    Fixed NPC respawn times.
    Fixed 4th floor of Dungeoneering.
    Fixed Claw spec damage.

    Fixed Goblin Salute emote sprite not showing up in the emote interface ²
    Fixed Earth Battlestaves showing up as stackable items
    Fixed Armadyl Runes showing up as non-stackable items
    Fixed administrator commands and logs
    Added Developer ranks for clear hierarchy
    Fixed Yell colors and display for super donator ranked players
    Fixed connection delay timeout for slower computers not connecting straight away
    Fixed the bankers at the firemaking teleport (Varrock west bank): they stand behind the booths now -- keeping the hilarious examine message however.
    Fixed the bank booths not opening the bank interface
    Added banker at the home teleport area. No more running a marathon
    Moved Bartak (the lottery NPC) to the well-area of home
    Added lunar altar at home
    Added chaos altar for curses at home (not yet coded, will take a while)
    Moved prayer altar to symmetrically align with chaos altar
    Removed the chairs and tables at home blocking easy access of the altars
    Added praying animation to all three altars
    Rotated the prayer altar correctly

    Leather Recipe for Disaster gloves are no longer tradeable and sellable
    All Recipe for Disaster gloves have correct bonusses (leather, bronze, iron, steel, black, mithril, adamant, rune, dragon, barrows)
    Administrator commands fixed -- no more memory leaks
    Administrator commands edited to aid in moderation of server
    :layers command edited to provide an accurate description of player's role (owner, admin, developer, donator, player, ...)
    Fixed commands that were inaccessible by various staff members
    Reduced teleport block spell duration from 8 to 5 minutes (like RuneScape)
    Added confirmation dialogue handling to Ancient Magics teleports leading to the wilderness without notification
    Added dialogue option handling to teleports leading to wilderness
    Added actionhandling to confirmation options when teleporting to the wilderness.
    Added fully working magic potions (extreme magic was already added)
    Muted players are now refrained from using the ::yell command. Their yells are silent to others..
    Fixed bug where player was required to have 10 defence to equip Black Elegant.

    Added torstol drops to ~ 20 high levelled monsters and bosses
    Chaos druids drop a wide variety of different levelled herb seeds.
    Added low levelled seed drops to men and women (suggest other npcs)
    Added mid-levelled seed drops to Renegade knights (suggest other npcs)
    Added high-levelled seed drops (not including torstol) to all dragons (suggest other npcs)
    Fixed teleport to brimhaven dungeon to go to brimhaven dungeon
    Removed the seed box from the skiller shop to strengthen economy by trading with other players
    Catching raw cod and raw bass now uses the correct big-fishing-net-animation.
    bronze, iron and steel dragons have larger and correct drops
    Added big fishing net to the skilling shop
    Bass and cod now require big fishing nets instead of small
    Slight tweak of fishing equipment prices in the shop - nothing too big..
    Added Tome Of Frost effect: unlimited water runes serverside
    Fixed server memory leaking from playersaves - fixed and added schedule to ensure player saves & save handling requests
    Added Event hooking to playersaves to keep backups
    Fixed prices of dragon sq shield en shield right half in the shop to more realistic prices
    Frost dragons now have reduced drop rate percentages and several other high levelled monsters drop herbs aswell!
    Appended crowns to new playerRights such as server developer, owner and website developer ²
    further increased banlist and mutelist handling to increase stability when checking them
    Fixed blowkiss emote: now using proper animation and gfx
    Fixed rare occasion where one would get an unexpected double drop from Frost Dragons
    Engine shutdown hook when updating and restarting the server is improved
    Grappling hook has been disabled for entering the Armadyl boss area in the God Wars Dungeon
    Castle wars ( Lobby loading started. Zammy portal works. Sara portal works. Guthix = not started yet.)

    Temporarily disabled Zammy boss in Gwd to prevent a memory leak
    Added most of the animations for curses - finishing up
    Added most of the gfx for curses!
    Soulsplit is nearly done, NPC part is completely done, just player left
    Zaryte bow now requires 80 Ranged instead of 50
    Zaryte bow is now a twohanded weapon
    Bolts have been reduced in base damage output, making them less overpowered but still a great, viable ammo for training ranged and bossing, ...
    Polished drops for several high level bosses. Still adding more
    Reworked the range max hit formula a bit (slight nerf)
    Increased Zaryte bow base damage to make it more inline with other high-level bows
    fixed some ranged gfx and animations when using throwables such as darts
    Added extended model & NPC dumping for Developers ²
    Reworked the melee max hit calculation formula to deal with granite maul (partially)
    Added melee max hit calculation formula variables for leech & curse prayers.

    All dungeoneering rewards now have proper equipment bonusses
    Geyser Titan now uses a new projectile function for rendering gfx & animations (I will extend this too all summoning familiars)
    Spirit Tz-Kih updates: correct animations and gfx -- proper effects when using spirit cape
    Spirit cape now reduces 20% of special attack points required to cast a familiar's special move
    Castle wars ( Stepping stones done. Exploding potion done. Catapult done. )
    Server now running on the VPS.
    Donation page now linked with Pay-Pal.

    Fixed Dark Beast drop ratio - still improving.
    Reworked the resetCurses(). and resetPrayers(). methods
    Fixed playerHandler memory leaks when using save timers from the Gregorian Calendar
    Fixed summoning familiars animations and gfx
    added headicon matching for curses
    Fixed major summoning bug exploited by several players
    Fixed Nex: Cruor now spawns instead of the zombie.
    Removed GWD bosses prayer handling to fix choking (temp fix)
    added better command handling and getRights checks
    Changed the Curses dialogue when praying at Chaos altar a bit. Should be bug free
    Working on curse_icon_glows, nearly done
    Fixed a bug allowing both curse and regular prayers to be used simultaneously.
    Updated playerHandling to allow for prayer swapping and
    Fixed prayer draining when swapping prayer types
    Re-added the Zamorak boss to Gwd
    Fixed another bug with stackable item IDs corrupting when saving charfile.
    Fixed memory leaks from a loop caused by a bad method in the Shop Handler
    Added sap, leech and deflect curses to the melee, range and magic maxhitformula.
    Fixed a bug that created an infinite amount of entities in some of the logs -- causing huge memory leaks in the long run.

    Fixed crowns on the client ²
    Fixed background sprite rendering on client ²
    Lowered loginbox to show the Abyss logo completely ²
    Fixed yells for some people
    Abyssal vine whip has correct bonusses.
    Dungeoneering has a bug fixed
    Removed rocktails and monkfish from shop to endorse fishing
    Removed saradomin brews from shop to endorse herblore/farming
    Fixed animations for cooking on a fire
    Fixed animations for offering bones at an altar
    Claws are two-handed
    Fixed summoning familiar timer
    Fixed server update timer
    Fixed prayer draining partially
    Fixed small bugs with curses
    Reduced Nex HP and increased her accuracy and max hit.

    Fixed Abyssal vine whip requirements. (75 attack & 80..
    Fixed Abyssal vine whip requirements. (75 attack & 80 slayer)
    Reworked the timestamp generation to Gregorian Calender API for time and date calculation

    Auth-Donation System
    Voting System.
    Fixed Food debait.
    Fixed client t2 error.
    Added God Halo's.
    Fixed mem-loop with the pest control minigame.
    Finished Bank-tabs. ( Now released )
    ::claimdonation fully working.
    Fixed three commands that didn't work.
    Fixed mute/ban system.
    Updated forums theme.
    Updated donation page.
    Added smilies to forums.
    Added new forum sections.
    Added 5 vote pages.
    Fixed revenants drops.
    Fixed PM glitch. ( Not all PM's were going through. )
    Drop party room now working.
    Added players online in a tab. (ik, ik...)
    Re-wrote donation/vote points. (Both working through donationhandler and votehandler util)
    New minigame interface done.
    Weapons minigame now done.
    Firelighters now work.
    Queen black dragon quest = 60% done.
    Slayer now has four more tasks if your combat is over 120.
    Demon slayer quest completed.
    Chinchompa's now thrown properly.
    Proper dragon 2h animations.
    Custom santa hats/phats.
    Entire new Home-page/Portal system.
    VBulletin Vote Popup.
    VBulletin User legend. ( Added through FORUMHOME template. )
    More user templates added.
    New user PIP's.
    Affiliates Page Made. ([Only registered and activated users can see links. ])
    Two theme's installed.
    Shoutbox installed.
    Tabs installed.
    Web-client made.
    Dl client available.
    Forums set-up with categories/thread layouts.
    New "Smiles" added upon user request.
    Player melee following
    Defence animation and timing (range)
    Cake and chocolate cake (cooking)
    Brewing drinks (cooking)
    Colored fires/Firelighters (fire-making)
    Started Skullbull course *Agility*
    Snakeskin armor (crafting)
    Fixed dungeoneering complexity 3 on floor 5.
    Hiscores now 100% working.
    Dominion Tower.
    Beginner clue scrolls done.
    Flax Picking
    Frost Dragon Teleport
    Warriors Guild
    Spelll Book Hovers + Frames
    Cooking Level Needed
    Dragonkin Lamp
    Dragonkin Lamp Interface
    Prestige System
    Levels Required For Prestige System
    Levels Required For Completionist Cape
    Rune Essence Teleports and Mining
    Added & Removed Bunch of Objects Around World
    90% Of Varrock Sewers
    Hunger Games minigame.
    Inv. glitch fixed.
    New home. (lumby)
    Deadfall traps.

    Spoiler for Credits:

    Graphics: Landon, John, Michael.
    Base: Virtue
    Forums System: vBulletin 4.2.2
    More Credits: phl0w/poesy700/10534/Tim/Scott/Harlan/Josh/Denis/Trentahost
    Others whom have helped, we thank you as-well.

    Developer Team:

    Blackout - Abyss Founder/Server Developer.

    If you'd like to show your support of the server, feel free to use the following image as your signature!

    [Only registered and activated users can see links. ]

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    Seems promising. I am looking forward to try it out.
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    Good luck.
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    Will give it a try soon, good luck.
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    Goodluck what are you planning on adding to this?

    Spoiler for Vouches:
    Quote Originally Posted by Ancient View Post
    Vouch for Acrypt . Respectable, trustable and reliable, performs high quaility designs!
    Quote Originally Posted by Luigipwnz12 View Post
    Legit went first. Very smooth Vouch ++++
    Quote Originally Posted by phantasye View Post
    Vouch, the whole process was quick and easy, no trouble at all.
    Quote Originally Posted by Goaliath View Post
    well have my vouch anyways!
    Quote Originally Posted by Santa Coke
    vouch for retro!!
    Quote Originally Posted by RISK View Post
    Vouch for acrypt 100% good timing prices and designs.
    Quote Originally Posted by Thrallix View Post
    Vouch, thanks mate!
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    Quote Originally Posted by 'Kenn View Post
    Goodluck what are you planning on adding to this?
    Take a look at my Developer log to-do list.
    There's a lot I plan to do. haha

    [Only registered and activated users can see links. ]

    Latest Update:
    Finished Proper bar amount and interfaces for Smithing, Added items to shops, Fixed one dupe, and Fixed a bug with item models.

    Thank you everyone Above ^

    [Only registered and activated users can see links. ]
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    Huge Update tomorrow. Will update pictures/info accordingly.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Array View Post
    Your mind will change by tomorrow.

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    You are showing shops as a feature?


    Quote Originally Posted by Genesis View Post
    Rune Legacy got its high playerbase because we used to have monthly field trips to the strip club.
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