Server Details - TizenX Pvp - 3 Worlds

Name: TizenX Pvp - 3 Worlds
Votes: 0
Revision: 667
Website: http://www.tizenx.biz
Host: tizenx.no-ip.org:43594
Owner: TaterMater
Status: Online
Overall stability: Uptime: 397788 min / Downtime: 122158 min / Percent: 77%

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Dedicated Server Specs
-4.00 GB Installed Memory (RAM)
-64-Bit Operating System
-Intel Core i3-2120 CPU @ 3.30GHz
-Advanced 10GB+ DDoS Protection

Custom Features
-3 worlds
-Pvp world
-Dwarf multi cannon
-Bounty targets
-Killstreak Rewards
-Killstreak Capes
-TokHaar-Kal Fully Added
-Safe Pvp
-Weekly Polls
-Random Pvp Drops
-Dicing Has Returned!
-KillStreak Ranks Table Added
-Upgradable Weapons Added!
-Achievements Diary
-Achievement Rewards
-Custom Gear Selection Interface
-Voting Scratch Cards
-Custom Minigame (Weapon Game) - Where to kill other players, each kill you advance to a new tier weapon! See .gif below
-High Risk PK Arena
-High Risk PK Arena Reward Shop
-High Risk PK Arena Random Loots
-Dieing At High Risk Pk Arena Keeps NO Items (Even With Protect Item + Unskulled!)

Newest Video;
Destroy's PK Video #2 - YouTube

Technical Support
If the client/webclient doesn't load or you blackscreen, try doing the following;
1. Make Sure You Have The Latest JRE (JRE7), download it here: Java SE Runtime Environment 7u3 Downloads
2. Once Downloaded and Installed, restart client/webclient.
3. If the problem still consists, restart your computer/internet.

Thanks for viewing, peace.